Factions, Puzzles and Mini-Maps +New Mechanics

The development process sprints along and the excitement builds as every day the game grows and becomes more and more refined.

I've added a follower system where npc's walk around helping you fight monsters. Here is a scene of a whole army of dwarfs fighting off some skeletons.

I've added a new aiming mechanic where you can actually aim your deflections! In addition I've realized that this is a great mechanic to build some puzzles around!

Mini-Maps and Speach Bubbles
Mini maps are something I've been hoping to add since day one and I'm happy to have finished implementing them today. Speach bubbles are basically the same message display system I used in Camelot Crawl but in a cartoon bubble. This allows characters to speak and have their own personalities while telling a story. 

I am very excited to see where this game is going and share it with all of you! I will be ready with an advanced prototype as soon as next Sat (27th) and am looking for playtesters! If you are interested in helping me playtest this game and give feedback or just want a free game to play, please don't hesitate.

Until next time!


Camelot Crawl WGJ 25.exe 26 MB
Jan 11, 2018

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