Boss Battle Preview

One of my biggest problems with the game has always been the lack of a final boss. It was always intended to have a big bad at the end to wrap things up with a bang but due to the time constraints of the jam, this idea was scrapped at the last minute. Thanks to the overwhelming support for this game over the past few days I've decided to take a small break from the current game jam and make a prototype of what a final boss might look like.

Although I will have to finish my current game "Watson" first before I make any updates to the current Camelot Crawl I do intend to make several bug fixes. I also plan to add different color backgrounds to further emphasize the progression into the evil Camelot. 

This doesn't mean I won't be creating a full version of the game, in fact, the opposite. I hope to start work on a sequel where the world would be more fleshed out, where we would see new and varied environments, enemies, allies, story, weapons, items and different game modes.

Until then look out for the update on friday....

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