New Boss! New Fixes! New Game?

Brutal Orc Smashes Through Walls

So just as promised I downloaded the version of Camelot Crawl that ends with a big orc battle. This is a unique boss battle made specifically for the end of the game that didn't make it to the original game jam version due to time constraints. I had to add a better detection system for the auto-tiles in order to create a more convincing illusion that the "Brutal Orc" smashes through walls. There are still some odd things about it but I hope you guys enjoy it.

I also added different colored areas to give a better sense of progression and fixed a whole bunch of little bugs here and there.

Major Announcement

I was going to add another gif of the brutal orc in action but that felt a little redundant at this point especially since there is something much more exciting in the works!

Camelot Crawl Sequel?
A lot of support from the community and just my own love for this game has driven me to start making a full retail version of the game. I won't spoil much but the amazing ZeroPointCrossing will be doing the music and sound design (so don't worry too much about there being opera in this one).

The game is set to release this year.

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