Weekly Game Jam 25 Reflect!

So yeah here I am with my third game in a month -_- The good news is that I'm getting better at making games! The bad news is I have no social life whatsoever. 

Camalot Court
It has been a little over 24 hours since I started my game jam for this week. I would have started earlier but I really couldn't think of ANYTHING that went with the theme. Seriously I did a whole bunch of research on the word reflection, I read poems about reflection, I even did some reflecting of my own and nothing. After spending about a day just thinking and thinking (my head was hurting now) I decided to just start making something. I was inspired by some free game assets I saw on itch.io and quickly began spriting.
Aegis Reflector!
I decided to try and make the easiest type of game possible. For me, that's the top down shooter. I've been dying to make a bullet hell game too so I decided that this would be it. Lastly, I had to use the theme so I thought what if you just deflect bullets like a Jedi instead of using actual guns. And so Camalot Court was born!
Gameplay and Mechanics
Like always I try to make the base mechanics fun(walking and just moving around) I always take the time to make movement fun. I am a firm believer that a game character should be fun to control even if he's just in a blank room. But, I knew that the reflect mechanic should be the most important thing since that IS the theme. I continued by making the character swing. I worked on it until the animation was just fun to do over and over again. I did have some concerns that the melee aspect of this game might overshadow the theme so I have purposefully made melee attacks near useless against enemies forcing you to use the reflect mechanic to kill the bad guys.
Bad Guys
As I began to design my first enemy type I realized that most (if not all) enemies would have to have a shooting mechanic in order for the player to even have a chance to kill them. So I began to play with different projectile speeds and enemy behaviors. And ... well ... take a look...

That's what I have so far hope you all check back in tomorrow I will be updating this daily until the game is released on Thursday! Until then be sure to check out my other games ;) and hit that follow button, please!

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