Game Jam over but the job aint done!

So I finished uploading it last night. Wooh. I am somewhat happy with the results. I enjoy the game (as a prototype that took 4 days to make) but there is so much that I would like to add!

Who am I and why am I here?

For those of you that don't know, I am a visual artist primarily. I make oil paintings on canvas and murals. This is how I've made my living my whole life. I've always fiddled with things like RPG maker but it wasn't till recently thatI've decided to take video game design more seriously.

My goal is to make 50 games by December 2018. I so far have 3 done for this self-imposed challenge. 

Camelot Crawl is the third game out of 50.

Weekly Game Jam 25

If I hope to reach my goal of fifty games in a year that means I have to make about a game a week. So I figured what better way to stay on track than joining a week-long jam. 

The theme for the jam was REFLECTIONS and honestly this had me stumped at first but I like the way the game turned out ;)

Keep it here for a more detailed post-mortem. I will be posting some obstacles and what went right / wrong in this project later today and through the week.

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