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What do you do when a zombie outbreak happens and you're still in your underwear? You grab your zombie-buster sword and kick ass in your briefs!


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I made a gameplay critique video on Underwear Man vs. Zombies!

Very impressive for a weekly game jam! A 3D game of this length and complexity is a lot of work; great job!

The gameplay itself is rather monotonous, simply walking up and repeatedly clicking left-mouse until the zombies die, so unfortunately I didn't find the game super fun in its play. There isn't really any thought, skill, or engagement necessary.

However! This game is still really well-done and fairly professional for a game jam. I'm rather floored with it!

Awesome stuff:

  • Great art + animations
  • Good silly concept
  • Pretty dang bug-free
  • The fact that's it's a working 3D Hack-and-Slash for a Weekly Game Jam
  • Slick game page, with a great font, custom colors, and inclusion of a video, screenshots, and branding
  • Excellent logo
  • Very complete and rather polished
  • Really nice YouTube thumbnail
  • Particles effects are nice
  • The ragdoll physics as the zombies' bodies fall apart when you kill them is great!

Areas to improve in the future:

  • Screenshots have Unity editor edges in them; take screenshots of only the game
  • Audio quality on your YouTube video on the game page is kinda rough; use Audacity to remove background noise
  • Game music is rather short and loops far too quickly for such a long game; if you have time to make multiple of such long levels, then you definitely have time to make and/or download some more music for the game!
  • Include original game jam build on your itch page; don't replace the original build when you ship updates! Leave older builds with proper labels. This is better for both your players and you in the long run!
  • Include the controls within the game
  • Gameplay is too repetitive / monotonous; add both horizontal and vertical changes in gameplay! Utilize a varied pacing / intensity over time as I specify in my Creating Fun presentation
  • Game is far too easy; balance player skill vs. difficulty to help create flow!
  • Mouse is visible while trapped within the game; make that mouse invisible unless we need it!
  • The game's executable is named "Hack.exe" instead of "Underwear Man vs Zombies.exe"
  • End screen is very anticlimactic and lackluster, particularly with how the music just ends, the default Unity skybox texture, and text being too small
  • Your games will get a lot more plays / attention if they're playable in-browser with Unity WebGL / HTML5!
  • Main menus are nice, but not the biggest deal
  • Anytime you package a game .exe in a .zip file, when someone unzips it, make sure that the game's .exe is available right away on top, not buried under any successive subfolders
  • Game's Windows icon doesn't really work; text is too small to be readable, something like the zombie or player character's head would have worked better
  • Jump is kinda inconsistent; sometimes it wouldn't work. And the existence of a shorthop doesn't really serve the design of this game
  • 3D platforming is a bit tough because you can't judge distance very well from the 3rd person view; something like a drop shadow below the player a la classic N64 3D platformers can help!

Obviously I'm digging into some really small details there for the criticisms, which speaks to how full & polished this game is! Keep up the good work! I look forward to playing more of your games!



It's finally here! Glad I got to play it.

For some reason I had an invisible zombie following me at some point. I only spotted it thanks to its shadow. Do you know what could have caused it?

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Hey thanks for playing. I'm looking into that glitch and I have a sense that it may have to do with occlusion culling. It will be fixed in the next update along with new levels and music


Nice zombie animations, especially the one where the upper torso crawls along the ground!