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Touch slime to recruit them into your party!

Meet "Buff Guy the Barbarian".  He likes kittens, quiet nights, and reading by the fireplace. But most of all he likes smashing skulls with his big-ass sword.  This is no ordinary skull bashing barbarian, though -- oh no no no -- Buff Guy here is quite special:

You see he is a slime-whisperer. 

He can recruit slime to "JOIN" his fight and "TOGETHER" Buff Guy and his slime friends can conquer anything.

  • Amazing HAND-DRAWN animation
  • Made in 48 hours by one dude (me)
  • Classic Beat em Action
  • Scroll in two directions
  • Different slime have different abilities. 
  • 3 enemy types
  • Custom painted world made for your enjoyment


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Slime Whisperer.exe 8 MB


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Really nice animation work. Impressive that you made it all by yourself. Really liked that you went for quite a high of Slime and Enemy count at times, really felt like charging into an epic battle with my army haha!

Very impressive for a 48 hr project (and under 10MB!) The hand-drawn art and animation is excellent -- it's almost like an interactive Golden Axe comic book. I found it hard to gauge how useful the slimes were -- they may have softened up a few enemies for me, but I don't recall any of them killing any for me. They seem to die easily, too (but then again, they do have bodies that are pretty much made of Jello so that kinda makes sense). 

Other things I liked is how the camera zoomed in a little to bring you closer to the action and the spinning into the black hole animation at the end of each level. 

Only bug I noticed is that one time I got my character stuck off-screen (far right) and couldn't get him back into view. He got killed by skeletons and was able to respawn like normal, so it wasn't  game-breaking. 

Yet another good game by Super8BitRafa!


thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for playing