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This is a short platforming game based on the theme "Life is Short" and was made for WGJ 115.

In "Short Fuse" you play as a classic round bomb with a lit fuse. Your goal is to get to the nearest body of water before you blow up.

The character design for the bomb is based on an illustration by @Nugstar.art (on instagram). I have been a fan of his character designs for some time and have been recreating his great 2D artwork in Unity 3D. To create the 3D character model I used ProBuilder (a package now standard in Unity).

I loved the character so much that I began to animate a simple idle stance for him. Before long I was creating walking and jumping animations as well. The characters personality was so charmingly enchanting that I couldn't help but add some simple gameplay mechanics.

Basic 2D platforming controls were the easiest and quickest thing for me to do and suddenly I had a game. Coincidentally enough this weeks theme for Weekly Game Jam was "Life is Short" and I felt like that was an easy fit for what I had. So I added a timer mechanic to symbolize the characters fuse burning down.

I created this whole game based around this character and it was fun and easy because the character design itself was so inspiring.

For more great character designs and art checkout @nugster.art on IG:


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